Plane Photos: Top 5 Photos to Take from a Plane

Plane Photos
Plane Photos

Did you know that, on average, there are around 9,728 planes in the sky at any given moment?

Flying is continuing to become more accessible all around the world. As more and more people travel by airplane, many have started to develop an interest in photography, specifically aerial photography.

Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, there’s no denying that the view from a plane can be breathtaking. Capturing the stunning aerial perspective can be a great way to preserve memories and share your travel experience with others.

Plane photos hold their kind of beauty. So, let’s dive into these five photos taken from a plane.

1. Wing Shots

Wing shots are classic plane photos and for a good reason. These photos offer a unique perspective of the plane’s wings and engine and the clouds and landscapes below.

Sit in a window seat to capture a great wing shot and angle your camera slightly downwards. You can also experiment with different angles and focal lengths to add variety to your shots.

2. Aerial Landscapes

One of the most fascinating aspects of flying is the bird’s eye view of the landscape below. Aerial landscapes can showcase everything from sprawling cities to natural wonders like mountains and lakes.

Keep your camera steady for a stunning aerial landscape, and adjust your exposure settings to compensate for the bright sunlight.

3. Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and sunset are magical times to take photos, even when you’re in the air. The soft golden light of the sunrise or sunset can cast a beautiful glow on the clouds and landscape, making for some truly breathtaking photos.

For the perfect sunrise or sunset shot, time your flight accordingly and sit on the side of the plane with the best view.

4. Cloudscapes

Clouds can be fascinating subjects for plane photos and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. From fluffy white cumulus clouds to menacing storm clouds, the variety of cloud formations can make for some stunning photos.

To take great cloud photos, experiment with different camera settings and angles and try to include the plane’s wing or engine in the shot for added interest.

5. Airport Views

Finally, airport photos can offer unique perspectives on the planes and the runway. From high above, you can capture the hustle and bustle of airport life as planes take off and land and ground crew members rush around; you can even sneak in luggage photos for some added vacation excitement.

To capture an excellent airport view, sit on the side of the plane that offers the best airport view, and adjust your camera settings to account for the fast-moving action below. You can enhance your photos by using editing techniques like crop, remove bg, filtering, and more.

Take Your Photography Experience to New Heights With the Best Plane Photos

Taking plane photos can be a great way to capture memories and showcase the world’s beauty from above. From wing shots to mountain ranges, there are endless photo opportunities to be captured during a flight. So, next time you’re flying, try experimenting with different angles and settings to capture the perfect photo.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023

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