What Is Drayage?


When people think of shipping, they probably think of loading and unloading their products. However, there’s more to shipping than that. The entirety of the loading and unloading process is called drayage, and it’s an important logistical process.

Drayage is important to know as not only are you managing your shipping, but it’s likely that businesses you sell to are using it as well. For example, retailers often work with Free- flowers, which are companies that specialize in delivering huge loads of containerized goods.

Not quite sure what drayage is or how it relates to your business? We’ve got you covered. Just keep reading for everything you need to know.

What Does Drayage Mean?

Drayage is a transportation service for goods and commodities that must locally be shipped within short distances or over relatively short periods. It is an essential part of the logistics industry as it facilitates goods to be transported from the port in which they arrived to warehouses, distribution centers, or factories.

Drayage is different from long-distance freight and is usually completed on the same day. This is when multiple trucks are sent out from the same port to different destinations. 

What Are the Different Types of Drayage?

Drayage can be split into two main categories: container drayage and bulk drayage. Container drayage involves hauling containers from container yards to and from ports, warehouses, and/or rail yards. Bulk drayage involves the transportation of cargo, usually in bulk, from one facility to another.

Bulk drayage is usually used to move large amounts of goods at once. Drayage services can also include linehaul moving, transport of empties, and storage of containers.

In conclusion, drayage is most often used to move goods over short distances. It could also refer to the transport of containers and bulk cargo between warehouses.

How Does It Work?

Drayage works by having a truck operator utilize a special truck to pick up goods from the port and drop them off at the warehouse. Then transport the goods to the desired location. The number of drayage trips will vary depending on the amount of goods in the shipment and the size of the truck.

Once the goods have been successfully delivered, the drayman will attach a receipt to the goods to verify that the goods have been safely delivered. Visit freight broker companies to know more about drayage shipping.

What Are Its Benefits?

Its benefits include allowing shippers to receive the products of their choosing at their preferred destination. This is while keeping the cost of transportation as low as possible. Drayage also reduces the amount of paperwork needed for a shipment, and it eliminates the need to find and pay for multiple types of transport.

Furthermore, it speeds up the delivery of goods and cuts costs by not having to pay for storage at the port. Drayage also offers better control in terms of shipment tracking, visibility, and security, which helps to reduce the risk of lost or delayed shipments. 

Try Drayage for Your Business Today

Drayage services are invaluable to businesses that need to move freight quickly and efficiently. Whether the goods are being imported, exported, or both, drayage providers are an essential part of the supply chain.

With their specialized equipment and dedication to safety, drayage operators can serve as a one-stop shop for shippers. Get in touch with a drayage provider today to take advantage of their cost-effective services and exceptional customer service.

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Last Updated on July 24, 2023

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