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Paniq Room

A new form of entertainment Paniq rooms has taken place in Pakistan. The concept of these rooms has been inspired by escape rooms. In Pakistan, people named escape rooms as Paniq rooms.

In these rooms, a group of people are locked and they have to work together to solve a puzzle or hidden clues in a given time limit in order to escape from the room. If you are looking for a different type of entertainment you should visit such rooms. Detailed information about escape rooms is given in this article.

Paniq room in Pakistan

Paniq rooms are becoming popular in Pakistan. In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other big cities, their centers are opening. These are real-life puzzle-solving experiences. They are attracting young ones, children, and corporate teams because these are alternatives to traditional games. 

How does it feel to be in a Paniq room?

In Paniq rooms, people are locked and they must have to work together to escape from the room by solving puzzles or mysteries. Before starting the game, game rules are described through a video, audio, or game Playmaster. 

There is a time limit of mostly 45 minutes to an hour. Each room has a unique theme and interconnected puzzles. The challenges are solved mentally so there is no need to be physically fit to play this game. 

Puzzles are solved by problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and communication between the people in the room. The mysteries can be of different types from solving a murder case to escaping after defusing a bomb or from a haunted house. 

Skills in Chemistry, mathematics, geography, or physics are required according to the type of puzzle. There is also an option of asking for hints if players get stuck. Hints are delivered in the form as the game rules were described. 


The theme of an escape room is so designed that it transfers the player into a new world. Here are the most common themes in Pakistan Escape rooms:

Tips used in Paniq room

While you are in the escape room, you need some tips to complete your task within the allocated time. In these rooms, everything is a puzzle waiting to be solved. Here are some tips you can use to save your time:

  • Once you entered the room, everything is a mystery for you. So, you need to look at, in, and under everything. Look at the wall paintings, the books on the shelves, beneath the rug, and everywhere you can see. 
  • There may be a pattern to solve your puzzle. So, look carefully at everything. You may get an irregularity or similarity.
  • In these rooms, teams are working. So, everyone should utilize their expertise to escape from the room. 
  • If the time is running short, don’t be worried. Stay positive and active. As the purpose of the escape room is entertainment, have fun with team members and enjoy it. 

A thrilling experience

It provides entertainment to people of all ages. It provides activities to people who are looking to spend their time with families, groups of friends, or companies for team-building. Its themes are diverse. There is something for everyone. It improves your thinking, develops communication with others, and gives you entertainment.

Paniq room is a new way of entertainment. It provides unique experiences to people of all ages. Its puzzle-solving adventure develops your logical thinking. Its diverse themes transfer you into a new world. So, spare some time, gather your friends, and go for a new adventure in the escape room.

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Last Updated on June 14, 2023

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