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It is not wrong to say that today’s world is the world of social media. One social media platform is Instagram. Instagram is becoming more popular among people. People share videos, photos, and many more. Sometimes, we want to captivate content on Instagram. So, there is Smihub for this purpose. If you are also looking for such tools to download your Instagram content, then here is Smihub to help you. Detailed information about this tool is given in this article. So, read this article till the end.

What is Smihub? 

Smihub is a web program designed to ease Instagram users to watch stories without logging in to their accounts. Users can save stories on their mobile phones. You can check who has seen your account and your followers. It also provides a direct link to a story so you can save a story for offline viewing.

Specialty of Smihub

If you are using this tool you can hide your identity. You can watch stories on Instagram and it will not reveal your identity. You can also keep track of the people who are checking your account. It makes using Instagram simple and convenient. It allows users to browse Instagram stories. It is a tremendous way to stay updated with recent activities on Instagram.

Smihub’s functionalities 

You can download your Instagram content using Smihib. Here is a list of functions that Smihu can do:

Downloading Profiles:

By using Smihub, you can view anyone’s Instagram profile. You can check all the information like profile picture, their followers, their followings, and the number of posts they have shared. If you want to download a profile picture, you can download it in full HD quality.

Downloading Images:

If you want to download an Instagram image on your device, you can do this by using Smihub. It allows you to download every type of picture whether it is a mountaineer picture a mouthwatering meal picture or any other type. 

Downloading Instagram Videos:

You can watch and download Instagram videos without any difficulty. You can save a funny clip, a tutorial, or any other type of video and can watch it later without any inconvenience. 

Downloading Reels:

Reels are short videos and are getting much popularity on Instagram. It gives you the option to download these reels so that you can enjoy them offline.

Downloading Instagram stories and highlights:

You can also save Instagram stories and highlights. Stories are mostly short glimpses or behind the scene content. You won’t miss these stories using this tool.

Key features

Some key features are:

  • You can watch Instagram stories mysteriously.
  • You can save images, videos, and stories on your device.
  • You can explore Instagram accounts without being explored.
  • You can find a detailed analysis of any account’s followers, followings, and posts.
  • It is a free platform and easy to use. 

How to use Smihub?

Here is the step-by-step guide to using this tool.

  • Firstly, on your browser, visit the Smihub website.
  • After opening it’s homepage, you will find a selection of tools to choose from. According to your Instagram content to be downloaded, select the tool. 
  • After selecting the tool, copy the URL of Instagram’s content and paste the URL into the search bar.
  • Then press the search button. The search process will start. It will recover the content and show the results.
  • When the search is completed, you will get the results. According to the tool you have selected, you can directly view your content or download it for an offline approach. 


If you are using Smihub you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • It gives you security.
  • Your identity remains obscure.
  • You can utilize Instagram’s features free of cost. You don’t need to pay any fee or a premium plan.
  • You can enjoy offline videos using this tool.
  • It is a user-friendly platform. 


Smihub is an irreplaceable tool that allows you to download Instagram content free of cost with complete security. Instagram profiles, pictures, videos, and stories can be explored effortlessly using it. It is user-friendly. So, next time if you want to capture any content on Instagram remember it is your must-visit tool. 

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