When a person dies, he has 7 minutes: From Myth to Reality

When a person dies they have 7 minutes

When a person dies they have 7 minutes. Do you know what it means? Well, this article is all about it.

Everything is mortal. No matter how much time we spend on the earth, we all have to die. Death is a reality. With the passage of every single day, we all are going toward our death. No one can imagine what happens when life ends. How much pain a body feels at the time of death.

Can you think when a person dies they have 7 minutes? This question may be shocking for you. But studies have proved this. To gain detailed information on this topic, read this article till the end and turn your myth into reality. 

Concept of when a person dies they have 7 minutes

The statement of when a person dies they have 7 minutes has now proved. In Canada, a patient in ICU was declared dead. But the doctors found that the signals connected to the brain were active even though his life-supporting machine was turned off. His heart stopped beating but the brain signals were still active for 7 minutes. Some traces of dopamine hormones were also found.  Researchers found that after death, within a few minutes, our brain replays our life in a memory flashback. 

Another study suggests that when a person’s heart stopped beating and his body stopped moving, his brain remains active.  

Biological process 

When death occurs, different biological processes take place in the body including cessation of blood circulation, heartbeat stops, and the supply of oxygen to the brain is cut off. When this happens, brain cells began to die. 

But in a study, it was observed that cardiac arrest survivors have the ability to die again when they are already dead. It means that if the brain is functioning, we can trap a dead body in the state of consciousness with the help of cardiac arrest survivors. It means a dead body can hear the announcement of his death by the doctors. 

Diagnosis of Brain Death

To diagnose brain death, the brain should be in its actual state because it has no supply of oxygen and nutrients. In patients with cardiac death, the brain diagnosis starts with the supply of blood circulation and neurological tests. 

When the Canadian Doctors found their dead patient’s brain alive, further tests on this case showed that the patient’s brain experienced the same brain currents that occurred during deep sleep. Some unknown electrical signals of consciousness were also found. All these suggest that in the early stages of clinical death brain has well-organized electrical activity. 

Religious beliefs

In different cultures and religions, death regarding beliefs is different. Some traditions believe in the time frame when death occurs while others focus on life after death. But in most religions, people believe in life after death according to the teachings of their religion. 


When a person dies they have 7 minutes is a reality. It is proved by Canadian doctors in a case study. Different factors are involved in the brain’s consciousness after death. Although the blood and oxygen supply to the brain is cut off, cardiac arrest survivors trap the brain in a conscious state. This data is according to medical research but people of different religions believe in the afterlife according to the teachings of their religion.

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Last Updated on June 22, 2023

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